Fathers Day is just around the corner and we are all told that Dad would love some aftershave, or a new lawnmower or something boring like that. Why not really liven things up a little and pick up a dj system with Turntable or CD System and let him belt out all his old tunes. pick up a couple of Technics sl1200 mkII turntables with Shure M447 carts/stylus with a Pioneer DJM900 Nexus mixer and a pair of JBL PRX 612 speakers and have yourself a Fathers day to remember. If your thinking is that my Dad has no idea of how to DJ, I'm telling you that if Paris Hilton thinks that she can DJ your Dad will rock the place. If you really want to see Paris Hilton DJing jump onto You tube and you be the judge of her performance. - Legendary. See you soon and whatever you do have a great Fathers day 2014