Our Annual Xmas auction is about to start on the Graysonline auction website. This is a great opportunity to pick up some exhire equipment in good working order at a huge saving to the recommended pricing. Items on Sale include a 5Watt water Cooled Laser with computer controller was worth over $90,000 new, Soundcraft Mixing Desk FX16, Crown amplifiers, Lighting stands, CD Players, Equipment Racks, Mirror Balls, Recone kits, Denon and Numark CD Players, DJ Mixers including Rane, Numark, Phonic and others, Rane Compressor limiters, dbx equalisers, Multicores, Backpacks, and packer cases, and heaps more. The auction starts tonight Thursday the 10th October and runs through till 8pm Monday the 14th of December. You can have a look at  www.graysonline.com. and under categories go to "Audio, TV and Home Theatre", and you will find us there.  - hope you pick up a Xmas bargain.