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Loyalty Discount

Loyalty Discount - How it works


We have been in business for over 30 years and understand the importance of looking after all customers, and providing special rewards to the loyal ones in particular. Loyal, repeat customers are what help us grow our business, and are the very reason we are still in business after all these years - that, together with our vast knowledge of sound, lighting, and audio visual, which we use to help customers choose the equipment suited to their needs.


So in making it a "win-win" for everyone, we have come up with the following loyalty scheme that we believe benefits everyone.

We offer the following discount on repeat online hires;

  • * 0% for the very first hire (hey, you have to earn it right?)
  • * 5% for the second hire,
  • * 10% for the third hire,
  • * 15% for the fourth hire,
  • * 20% for the fifth hire,
  • * 25% for the sixth hire, and
  • * 25% on all further hires

this discount is automatically calculated and deducted as you add products to your "shopping cart"

To take advantage of this "loyalty discount" simply register online by clicking on "login/Register Free" at the bottom of the screen.