Black Express

Welcome to the new look Black Express Rental Store

Why Hire From Us?

We are the original founders and owners of this business since it was registered in 1983 and know more than a thing or two about Sound, Lighting and Audio Visual equipment. With that unmatched experience and knowledge we are able to provide you with the right advice on the best equipment to use for your particular event. We carry and hire a comprehensive range of all types of sound, lighting and audio visual equipment from premium quaity, for those demanding the best, to budget priced items for those that simply want something to meet their needs. This includes;

DJ equipment including Mixers, CD players, Turntables, effects units, monitors etc,
PA equipment for Presentations, Nightclubs, DJ's, Bands, Spruikers, Celebrants, Outdoor events, etc
Lighting equipment for Stage, Bands, Nightclubs, DJ's, themeing, Lasers, etc
Audio Visual equipment for Image projection, conferences, presentations, product launches, corporate events, etc

Equipment Testing

All equipment is set up and tested prior to your arrival, and demonstrated to you at the time of collection to guarantee the corrrect operation of the equipment in your presence. This is a practice we have adhered to since we first started our business and removes the sudden surprise that something you have picked up, and driven all the way across town to use at your event does not work. Sure, it takes a couple of minutes longer, but think of the alternative inconvenience!

Quality Equipment
We only hire equipment from the worlds leading manufacturers - equipment that is recognised as being very reliable, high performance, and an industry accepted standard.